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Wedding Photographers in Bristol, Bath and throughout the South of England

We work as professional wedding photographers in Bristol, and wedding photographers in Bath and throughout the UK and abroad, but as we are based in the South of England between the cities of Bath and Bristol, many of our wedding bookings come from this area. Working as a wedding photographer in and around the World Heritage City of Bath is a delight. Bath is a stunning Georgian city with a unique heritage. There are some superb venues and from a wedding photography perspective we are absolutely spoilt for choice with pre-wedding and engagement shoot locations and dedicated marriage venues. We’re privileged enough to have our wedding photographs published on the Bath Abbey website, as well as working as a preferred wedding photographer at the Folly Farm wedding venue at Stowey near Bristol.

Wedding Photographers in Bath by Élan Images - The central aisle during a wedding at Bath Abbey

We also have our photographs featured in National Trust Wedding venues. We’re members of the select ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers), Fearless Photographers and the WPJA (Wedding Photo Journalists Association). Please enjoy our little site – galleries of complete wedding shoots from ‘real weddings’ (not staged model shoots!) can be seen on our blog along with creative highlights and some more information about us. Working as wedding photographers in Bristol and wedding photographers in the City of Bath, there are numerous other wedding and reception venues around Bristol and Bath which we’ve come to love shooting at.

Wedding Photographer in Bath Coombe Lodge Blagdon

Wedding photographers in Bath photographing weddings at Leigh Park Hotel in Bradford on Avon. Working as wedding photographers in Bristol shooting at Orchardleigh House near Frome; Wedding photographers in Bath at Priston Mill, Bath Abbey, wedding photographers in Bath Guildhall, photographed couples getting married as a wedding photographers in Bath Priory, wedding photography at St. Marys Church in Bath, wedding photographer at the West Barn and Tythe Barn at Bradford-on-Avon, wedding photographer Wick Farm Barn near Bath, boutique hotel Bristol, wedding photographer Grittleton House near Chippenham, photographed wedding at Prior Park in Bath, getting married at Prior Park in Bath, wedding photographer warminster, wedding photographs Heaven’s Gate Warminster, wedding photographer church Monkton Coombe near Bath, getting married at Cadbury House Hotel, wedding photographers in Bristol photographing at wedding photographer Folly Farm near Pensford Bristol, Aztec Hotel in Bristol. Wedding photographer Keynsham Bristol, wedding photographers in Bristol at Leigh Court Bristol,wedding photographers Trowbridge, wedding photographer Bradford on Avon, Further afield towards Gloucestershire, the countryside opens out and offers some delightful country house and estate wedding locations. wedding photographers in Bristol the Barn at Berkeley. Towards Chippenham lays the small village of Grittleton. Grittleton House is actually a private school which offers itself as a delightful wedding venue. Amusingly described as “Hogwarts” by a guest a wedding we photographed there recently, Grittleton House itself is kept in amazing condition for a listed building. The architecture is stunning and the grounds are really well kept, providing a gorgeous back drop for any wedding party. We were even fortunate enough to photograph a wedding at Grittleton House in the snow – a truly ‘white wedding’!

Wedding Photography Grittleton House, Bride and Groom in the Snow

Wedding Galleries

We use ‘real wedding’ galleries from our work as a wedding photographer in Bristol and Bath to showcase our work and allow couples to share their wedding photographs instantly with their friends (as soon as our post production is complete, of course).

Bristol and City of Bath Wedding Photographer (Left to right: Cadbury House Hotel, Aztec Hotel, Bath City centre) | Wedding Photographer Bristol and City of Bath


Creative Wedding Photography at Cadbury House Hotel, Bristol

The pre-wedding / engagement photo shoot

We offer a complimentary shoot for all couples who book their wedding photography with us (for weddings of 8+ hours). We think it’s a great opportunity to get to know one another properly before the wedding day, and we find it gives our clients a level of confidence in our abilities. We know they have booked us at this point, but for many people it will be the first time they have experienced being on the ‘subject end’ of a photographers lens. Wherever possible we try and use this shoot to get some really relaxed, intimate and creative photographs. We can really focus on them together whilst they’re alone and before the hustle and bustle of the wedding day. Some of the best engagement sessions we’ve shot have been in locations which mean something to the couple – be that in the bars and shops of Bath or Bristol, sitting in the fields around Priston Mill, or walking along the woodland paths of Westonbirt Arboretum. Although we work mainly as wedding photographers in Bristol and wedding photographers in Bath, we cover the whole of the UK and abroad. Sometimes great photographic opportunities come about by chance – in this instance we were driving back from an engagement shoot when we stopped at the grand gates at the rear entrance to Badminton House. The sun was setting and the sky looked amazing, so we jumped out of the car with the couple and snatched a couple of lovely images before we lost the light. On another occasion in the city of Bath, we photographed the bride to be inside a shoe shop – on an impulse after noticing she couldn’t take her eyes off the shop as we passed by on our way to the next shot location. We aim to shoot anywhere between 6 and 20 photographs during an engagement session and it normally lasts about an hour or two, plus the time we take to visit the locations prior to meeting up with the client to ensure we know what we’re aiming for during the shoot and what the ambient lighting conditions will likely be. If you’re looking for a wedding photographers in Bristol or a wedding photographer in Bath, you’ve come to the right place!

Natural wedding photography, black and white wedding photos

Wedding Photographer in Putney and Fulham, London

Before the wedding Following an initial meeting with a new client, ideally and where possible, this takes place at the venue and can take anywhere between 30 minutes and several hours – depending entirely on the client, their questions and how complex their wedding day and intentions for their photography are. This first meeting is pretty informal, and often couples do not yet have the information about their day fixed in stone. What may come as a surprise to some people is that we’re also ‘interviewing’ the client at this point. The key thing for us is to understand what makes them tick, what they’re all about, why, how and when they got together, and generally who’s involved in their world. As well of course as what they’re planning for their big day. This gives us a good picture of how to approach their wedding photography. We’re also making a decision on whether or not we’re the right match for them.

Chippenham Wedding Photographer at lacock abbey

Although their wedding lasts only a single day, this is really important. This doesn’t necessarily mean we’re on the lookout for ‘bridezillas’ (…experience tells us you only find out about that on their wedding day!), but just for people with whom we may not completely ‘gel’ – if it doesn’t feel right at this initial meeting and we can’t put our finger on why, then it’s probably not a shoot which we’ll enjoy and be able to make the best of for them. Make no mistake though, we’re professional photographers, and we pride ourselves in an ability to capture with creativity anyone in any situation – that’s our job and our passion. Maybe we’re a bit picky by doing this, but we feel that it’s important for us to enjoy our work as this comes across in the final wedding photographs.

Photographing a wedding day

The wedding day itself is our bread and butter. Although we spend far more time working on the wedding photographs after the day, this is the one and only opportunity to capture them. It’s the greatest challenge and without doubt the most enjoyable part of the job.
Being in the right place at the right time doesn’t often happen by accident. The plan we make with our clients tells us roughly what to expect and when, so we know roughly where we should be.
The military adage “no plan survives contact with the enemy” is amusingly just as true when it comes to photographing a wedding, but perhaps “no plan survives contact with the guests” would be more apt. The best laid wedding plans are only ever just that – plans. It’s rare to find a couple who have thoroughly briefed their guests as to the finer details of their day. When we meet up with our clients, we help them understand what to expect based on our experience and ideas of how to deal with potential issues before they arise.

Wedding Ring Photography with the Nikon 105mm Macro lens

Wedding Ring Photography with the Nikon 105mm Macro lens

We make our plan for our photography too. A detailed shot list of any formal photographs which a client may like us to take, along with possible locations and the all-important wet-weather plan, just in case the heavens open and we have to sweep seamlessly in to ‘plan B’. We also plan for any specific lighting and equipment considerations as well as a thorough briefing for any assistants who may be working with us on the wedding day. We print out hard copies of all routes to and from churches, reception venues and couples homes, and make alternative route plans – just in case. As we’re local wedding photographers in Bristol and wedding photographers in Bath, we’ve great relationships with many of the local wedding venues and know the routes (and alternate routes) to and from most of them.

To ‘do formals’ or not to ‘do formals’

Our clients usually have a good idea of whether they would like any ‘formal’ photographs, how many, and which family and friends they would like in them. No matter how modern and free-spirited the couple, it’s often an expectation by older generations (parents & grandparents), who assume there will be ‘formals’, as there have been from generation to generation. Couple are often then implicitly obliged to put time aside during their day for this to take place. Our clients lead on this. We never assume they want formal groups or portraits, but if they do it usually falls in to one of three categories; just a couple, enough to fill about 40 minutes, or way, way too many! The couples who are looking for a large number of formals need our help and guidance to bring the number to a level which doesn’t compromise the creativity or professionalism of their final pictures, or worst of all, upset their guests. The wide availability and use of compact digital cameras often gives couples the impression that all that’s required is to “point and shoot”, in order to get a shot. This isn’t quite the case.

Bride and Groom in the cloisters at Lacock Abbey Chippenham Wedding Photographer

Experience tells us where we need to be to achieve a photo. There is no ‘normal’ anymore. Each and every wedding we photograph is different, and although many follow a defined or traditional pattern, we go the extra mile to search out what makes each one unique. The day often starts with us photographing the bridal preparations – sometimes at their home, sometimes at a room in the venue or at a local hotel. This can be a delightfully relaxed and enjoyable time, or it can be the polar opposite! As well as photographing the bride and bridesmaids enjoying their time helping each other get ready, it’s our opportunity to capture the details before they’re whisked away; the wedding dress, shoes, flowers, engagement ring, gifts

Wedding guests jumping photo at Lympne Caslte, Kent Wedding Photographer

Formal wedding photographs in Bristol and the City of Bath

Formal ‘informal’ wedding photographs in Bristol and the City of Bath. Left: Wedding at Coombe Lodge, Blagdon near Bristol. Right: Bridal party in a barn at Llanerchaeron in West Wales.

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